We’re talking amongst ourselves about a video to highlight our new members & increased repertoire.We’re on the local Musicians Union list for employment. Live long & prosper!?

Our Single...

Country Heart our first single is availible for sale on iTunes under Roland Maurice for a measly $.99!                          Enjoy. Hey there are more videos at Roland Maurice and the Soundtracks on YouTube.

Welcome Visitors

We're in seventh heaven today with visitors from the Czech Republic & New Zealand! Hiddy Ho to Bob Jones,Yvonne (Blue Ridge Mtn Boys) in the North Island.
Both visitors are new to us.  

Thank you visitors!

The Cowbell Blues Band wishes all the best to visitors from all over the world for coming and dropping in on our website.We hope you get as much delight learning about us as we do reading your points of origin…Read more

Hail Natalie Cole

We've lost a personal Musical Warrior in Natalie Cole.One of the best jazz vocalists ever. Peace my beautiful Princess.

Thus Spake...

Maestro Michael Jordan our Rhythm Guru says that we have graduated from a garage band (in terms of Musical growth) Merry Christmas & Happy 2016 to us!

Last Show

We played the last Mt Hood Farmers Mkt this year Saturday. Thanks Nunpa & the Gang!
Stay tuned for the Furthers Adventures of the Cowbell Blues Band and Medicine Show.


We're praciticing and really improving our sound.            R&K 

Robert Burgeni

Robert Burgeni of the Rose City Hot Club sat in on rehearsal Tuesday Sept 29th added his considerable talents on both bass & piano.
Robert said he'd be available for gigs.We we're able to get some rough recordings of the…Read more