From the recording The Music Of Your Life & More

My wife Kathleen (Scotch/Irish) is my 1st inspiration. 2nd My gratitude to my 17th Great Grandfather James the First of Scotland to whom poetry runs strongly in the family.


I've got a juke box full of memories,
That's a lovely way to start,
I care for you so deeply,
You'll always be...My Country Heart!

I've travelled 'round this country,
Seen the best and worst in parts,
But I know you'll always love me,
You'll always be...My Country Heart!

We're so lucky to be surrounded,
By this Oregon we love,
Nature nurtures in the Heartland,
With the stars alinged above.

Take my hand and journey with me,
To this yellow brick road apart,
Through the daily toils and troubles,
Hand in hand...My Country Heart!